About Us

MARR 's founder is Stephanie Feliciano and was largely inspired by her dear friend, Chandra Grecko whose dedication and passion was truly inspiring, and the United Poultry Concern, who everyone thought could never be taken serious.

It was put into launch July 2009 on facebook. Soon we got 50 members. We were ecstatic. 50 people other then us cared about mice and rats!

The number gradually grew and it became clear, there were a lot of people who felt the same way.

The Way You Live Matters

MARR is founded upon the love, and more importantly, respect for all animals and so naturally progresses on to the notion of Veganism, which extends compassion to every animal, even the human kind.

Veganism shuns and aims to destroy exploitation of animals which ultimately ends in agony for the animals. Vegans do not consume dairy, meat, eggs, or honey nor wear leather, wool, and silk. Not only does this make a statement and save animal lives, but it stops the earth from which you came, from being destroyed and the destruction of your very own body. It opens your eyes to see what you had blinded yourself to and become a more aware person, and again, not of just the animals, but of your home (earth) and body.

 If you are now not vegan we encourage you to be, but you aren't shunned. We shall encourage your help and love animals for animals. We are confident if you stay on this path you will find your way.

Upcoming Events

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