Rat Adoptions

Adopt Rats Alert!

Are you looking to rescue some ratties by giving them a loving forever home?!

If so, please fill out this questionaire, and send it to Marrknowledge@aol.com

Please be sure to write your answers UNDER THE QUESTIONS!

Please note: It is against our policy to give out "free rats". This is dangerous for the animals, so we charge a 15 dollar per rat adoption fee. There are special discounts for certain cases.

If you pass our questionaire we will ask for a 15 dollar non refundable down on the adoption fee, this is to discourage backouts.

You MUST be in the u.s to adopt these rats!! If you are out of state we will be arranging transportation .

Thank you!


1.As part of our adoption policy we will ask you this:

2.Full Name?

3.Age? (if you are under 18 years old, you must get guardian permission).

4.Phone Number?

5.City and State?

6.Do you have a vet that can take care of rats? 

7.If so, please give us their name and number, if not please find one soon!

8.Do you have rats?

9.Have you ever had rats?

10.Are you active in the animal community (do you help animals?)

11.If so, explain:

12.Are you vegan?

13.What type of cage will you be using? Include brand name.

14.What type of bedding?

15.How much time per day will your rats get out of cage time?

16.What do you plan on feeding them?

17.Do you have any other pets (What kind)?

18.Where do you plan on keeping the rats?

19.How many rats are you looking for?

20.If you do not live in florida, how long/far are you willing to travel in miles?

21.Will you keep in touch with us via e-mail and Facebook? (please give us your FB name if applicable.)

22.How did you hear about us?



23.Are you looking for males or females?

24.What age group are you interested in? (Baby, Juvenile, Adult, Elderly)

25.How many rats would you like to adopt? 

26.Would you be willing to take in handicapped rats (missing eye, tail etc)?  


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