World Rat Day and World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week CELEBRATION

Posted by The Director on April 5, 2012 at 4:00 PM

WOW, that is a mouth full!

This year we have a special celebration, we are including World Rat Day and WLAL week  into a new wonderful holiday that is too awesome we can't even think of a name for it right now.

To commerate this holiday we are holding a CONTEST.

The contest is. Who Ever does the most Actions to help Animals WINS.

Each action will be assigned a number of points, the winner is the one who racks up the most points!

This Contest starts April 4th, and ends April 29th.

You can start anytime inthe game, it's completely up to you and how hard you work to win!

The Grand Prize winner gets an specially designed animal rights shirt, a gift certificate to The Natural Rat, AND an adorable mouse puzzle!

Second prize gets a gift certificate to The Natural Rat!

Third Prize is an Adorable Mouse Puzzle!

BUT WAIT! There are more prizes coming and being added in all the time!

As of NOW The first person to reach 3,000 points get a FREE Rat Recipe Book for your precious ratties, courtesy of the Natural Rat!

Like we said, more prizes can be added at any time, so do your best!

Now what kind of things can you do?

Here are some examples!

You must show documentation of each action!

Suggestions are screencapping, photographs, and review writing.



  • Write a letter to Harlan Requesting them to stop sending animals to Primate Products 150 points
  • Attend a protest for animals, bonus points if it involves rats and mice: 300 points
  • Organize a protest, please confer with your cities ordinances and regulations on the matter 1000
  • Leaflet or table: 800 points
  • Buy 30 brochures on What you Don't Know about Rats: 1000 points
  • Write an article on the plight of rats and mice, bonus points if you get it published: 150
  • Spread the word about this contest, each new place you inform is: 25 points
  • Donate 5, 10, 0r 20 dollars at a time to any rat/mouse shelter, rescue or anti animal testing group.
  • 5 dollars: 225
  • 10 dollars: 450
  • 20 dollars: 900
  • Do a presentation in Class about animals rights, bonus points if it specifies mice and rats: 700 points
  • Read a book about veganism or animal rights: 800 points
  • send us a 1-2 paragraph review on how you felt about it
  • Research about animal testing, give us a four paragraph conclusion on what you have learned and how that affected you: 1500 points
  • Switch to a cruelty free product and give a review on how you felt about it: 900 points
  • Volunteer for a local shelter or for a rescue group, or join a protest group: 1500 points
  • Download and pass out our Have you seen this Rat Flyer at campuses that may test on animals: 1000
  • Create your own fliers that specify the issues that you are passionate about concerning mice and/or rats. If they are especially nice we will adapt them into our program and give you bonus points: 200 per flyer design. If adopted 1000 points for flyer
  • Adopt a rat/mouse. Bonus points if it is an ex lab rat/mouse.
  • Convince someone to stop using an animal tested product, they must write why they decided to change their products: 500 points
  • Read about Britches, the ex lab monkey and write how it affected you: 800 points
  • Found a good resource for animal rights? Post it on our Facebook for 100 points a pop! The catch is the imformation cannot not be repetative of someone elses works.
  • Other?? If you have more ideas how to celebrate this holiday by helping animals, send it in with documentation, and we will assign points accordingly!



Examples of shelters/groups/protest groups to support (to donate to us, send through paypal to [email protected])


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