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Posted by The Director on March 28, 2010 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (0)

World Rat Day is the day to think about what you can do to celebrate your friends!

 MARR is holding a SPECIAL event where when a person donates to a mouse andor rat rescue or adopts a rat or mouse from one, they will get SUPER special NEVER before seen, Marr's first stickers,free! Yeah, just think about it, you'll be the first person to tell the world via sticker how YOU feel about mice and rats rights with cutting edge mice and rats graphics.

Here are the conditions!

Just send a receipt of your donation (or proof of adoption).

When you adopt or donate, write out how it was MARR who encouraged you to do so (and you can give them our website too).

Give us your address and a way to contact you.

You have to give your gift BY April 4th. You can do it sooner, BUT NOT LATER. (Unless you just feel so good you want to do it again).

Hmm,whats that? Yes..I think..I think, yep. The person who does the most for World Rat Day will get something even more awesomer then our stickers ( and you will get stickers as well).

What's this awesomer thing we're talking about? It's also a SECRET. But trust us. The awe in this some will leave you in awe..or something..








Here are some suggested places to help out!

(mention that you want to donate to the rat section, it doesn't matter if the money doesn't specifically go to them, as long as people know we are thinking of them)

Or look for a place near you!


Are you going to particpate in MARR'S Celebration of WORLD RAT DAY?
Sorry, I have nothing to give!
I'm going to celebrate it in a DIFFERENT way.
I don't know.
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Our first bit of news, hurrah!

Posted by The Director on January 13, 2010 at 6:27 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello and thank you for visiting us here at, Mice and Rats Rights, A.K.A, MARR.

We have a lot of exciting goals and innovation to help our furry friends, its  a matter of amassing all the excitment and innovation into organized clumps of usefulness to really get roaring.

So we have a tiny bit of news. An alert really.


to all FL members. There is a "bootcamp" for helping organizations like ours become more successful. It is on Feb 6, 9 am- 5:30 pm. It's free to attend with breakfast and lunch* included, I am attending myself and am letting others know in case they would like to join me. ;

*I highly doubt that the lunch and breakfast will be vegan, since being vegan, I highly doubt everything.


I recieved an e-mail alerting me to a panel between ar anti-animal testing and pro testing UCLA.

They are searching for people to attend. I'm just tweaking your interest until I get further details on the matter.

Yep just a bit of news.



Upcoming Events

Thursday, Apr 4 All Day