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Posted by The Director on May 13, 2010 at 4:05 PM

Alright, so if you may or may not have noticed, there will be at least three shirt designs available for sale soon. I spent a long while looking up types of shirts, their costs, and the cost of printing the shirts to make sure you have the best quality, fashionable, but low priced shirts, and of course expect them to be beautiful, 'cause they will be. I don't believe in selling things I wouldn't want myself.

Brochures will be up for sale as well, probably sooner then the shirts. For now I have the brochurized version of The rats must Die, why?! Which is colorful and pretty and again, should be up soon. So if you've run across people spouting hysterical nonsense tell them to shut their yap and read this brochure!

But nicer like...


Check it out, Stickers have been printed and sent out: *warning sticking them on your face hurts

People who participated in World Rat Day MARR Style will recieve these and more.

Oh also, volunteers will recieve these stickers. Did I mention that before, no? Whoops. Volunteers get free stuff when it comes out.

Rats Rights in the MEDIA

"Surely even humans wouldn't make a book about Ratty Rupert the Rat, who wore a hat, and poison rats under the floorboards at the same time. Would they? How mad would anything have to be to think like that?" ~TerryPratchett, The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents

Hey, you know what sucks? Seems like there's no shortage of celebrities to support puppies, kittens, horses....Who's there for rats? If only we could find an awesome talented, vegan, crazy rat lover who is a strong supporter of animal rights.

Hmn well, OMG Look at this!

Emilie Autumn is an amazing eccentric musician (she plays the violin) who LOOVEs rats, is a vegan and supports AR.


She has two pet rats, Sir Edward and Basil.

"- inhumane is inhumane isinhumane, and the attitudes of the ruling class (or gender in this case) on one creature considered inferior are the attitudes it extends toward all things considered such."- Emilie Autumn

Is this Edward or Basil? Hmn.
Obviously crazy and rat obsessed, she belongs with us.

I think MARR needs to extend a hand of invitation towards her, and I do believe she would need customized MARR shirt as well.

Emilie Autumn, we're waiting for you to come home =3

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