How my bake sale went, and how Purina tried to destroy me

Posted by The Director on August 26, 2010 at 6:25 PM

Rick Edwards for Rational Animal for the image!

Hello all!

First I would like to thank all the supporters of MARR, for helping with out bakesale!

A special thanks to Chris for spreading the word to fellow vegans and boosting my sales 1000 percent!



At the animal adoption fair; In celebration of animal day.



   It was a busy, loud and fun atmosphere. Dogs of all types where there, yammering for attention and the hope that they will soon be adopted.

A bit apprehensive, I set out to find Brook Katz, the man who organized it all.

Being the inapt person I am, I completely forgot about things such as, a table, napkins, plates,etc.

But Brook had my back and managed to find me a table. I must say, it was the best table of the fair. Nice and wooden. Pretty. Everyone else had flimsy folding tables.

Had the coolest table at the fair

Hehheh, perhaps they should learn the art of winging it. As I laid out my wares, I cringed. Literally and outwardly cringed. I am no cupcake making expert, my pastries where sloppily made, because I have no idea how to do anything otherwise. But there were edible looking at least. Oh, did I mention I had no proper way of storing the cupcakes? I just piled them on each other in a large aluminum roast tray..thing..

        Hey these cupcakes look lame, I know! I'll just take a picture at a super cool angle! Yeah, I'm stylin' now! 8)

My good friend, Jennifer Rogers, who so kind as to drive me there, help me set up, and start frosting cupcakes. See, I had a rare foresight to not frost them until I got there, saving me a huge mess.

Jennifer Rogers also systematically deleted every photo from my camera that had a picture of her.

Best friends.

To the right of me we had a grey hound rescue group, with some super sluething, I blew up a picture I took and read their banner that was sideways, they're called holly dogs, (this was eaiser then just, uh, remembering their name) they had the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen. 

Fun fact: That cat being held, way back in the picture, looking less then thrilled she was across from a pack of hunting dogs? Her name is Amy and she got adopted that day!

You might say I became a bit obsessive, due to all the pictures I took of them. If you guys have never seen a greyhound up close, whoa. They are bigger then dobermans and everything about them is artful. Even their overly large fangs curved gracefully in their artfully narrow muzzles.

Sigh. Gorgeous. They also had big adorable, earnest eyes. I was rather envious because I thought I could never adopt a greyhound, due to the fact I have small animal, but the man I talked to told me that many greyhounds "flunkout" of "racing school" because of no chasing drive.Thus I began my scheming of adopting one of these beauties ( know..ten). The group urged my to adopt one now, and if any of you personally know me, it takes a LOT for me to say, but I am seriously and truly broke, and what would be the point of adopting an animal if you can't feed them =\

The group didn't mind that I had a small place (grey hounds are coach potatoes apparently, awww). I like their attitude.

Er, before I stop my obsessive rant about greyhounds there is something to important to note about these fellas and why they were rescued.

After a close look at these visions of grace, you would notice scars, all along their bodies. They got these scars on the race track, where taking a spill at 45 miles an hour would do that to you. Scars were also on their snouts, where muzzles rubbed them raw. The greyhounds, before they were rescued, would stay 23 hours in kennels. They were never treated as pets.

Oh, and remember when I mentioned "flunking out of racing school"? This is just a nice way of saying "getting shot in the head". Animals that are no longer optimal are killed, often getting shot in the head with a gun.I assume this is because with all the animals they "have" to kill, the vet is too expensive. I took a special shine to a grey named Maggie. Maggie was "retired" (i.e slated to die) because she was too old. How old was Maggie? Two years. These animals are still freaking puppies when they are deemed burdens and killed.

Only 7 states left in the U.S still allow dog racing, please do not support and work to end this horrible practice. Dogs like Maggie do NOT deserve to be used like money machines then killed when they are making their "owners"slightly less money.

Across from the greyhounds was a rabbit rescue, called Love a Bun, where you can be certain there are rabbits. I was a little nervous, greys are bred to chase rabbits, but they went largely unnoticed, with only one grey whining that she couldn't go over and start some mischief.

At the end of the day I donated that large red dog toy thats in the first picture to holly dogs, more specifically, to Maggie, who had been eyeing it all day.

I am going to mention Bob.

Bob is a giant Cornish Rex. Bob was Huge. Bob was just a baby still.

So epic he can't even be fully photographed

All hail Bob, the giant rabbit.

There were other rabbits, but who can remember them after Bob?

Before Jennifer left I convinced her to stay and watch the booth for a couple of minutes while I go and look around. I found some vegan friends and had a nice chat. I casually mentioned about my vegan cupcakes, brownies, and peanut butter cups. And the founder (fact check? I am assuming she is) of Citizens for Pets in Condos has offered her help in us becoming a non profit =)

Anyway, she immediately got up and rushed over to my booth to purchase some of my treats, because vegan cupcakes, as well all know, are awesome. Literally, they fill you with awe, and sugary goodness...mostly just sugary goodness.

I went back to my booth and awaited more customers.

Then Chris came along. Chris is important to mention, because after she discovered my booth she made it her mission to inform every vegan or non about my booth, and it's thanks to her that I was the success that I was. Soon everyone was talking about my cupcakes, the buzz was in the air.

Well if you didn't want pictures posted of you then you shouldn't have hidden them in albums in obscure veganey websites only to be dug out by obsessive people who have no life of their own. Ok?

A guy walked straight up to me and asked if I would like to make and sell my baked goods in his licensed kitchen. I think he heard people talking and came, because he didn't even glance at my pastries. I don't think I can do that,however, because you need a lot more then just a legal kitchen to start a business. I was flattered though, my ammatur cupcakes where hitting it off!

And then my nemesis reared its ugly head.




Ok, I may be over reacting, but it still makes me mad.

Behind me was Purina's fake we love animals campaign. I say fake because if you love animals you don't kill them for profit, this is just something I happen to believe.

And it's not just the horses and the cows that they kill.

It's the dogs and the cats, yep, they torture, mutilate, and kill dogs and cats.

It all comes down to animal testing. You may be asking yourself, well yeah, duh they have to test food on animals, how else would they know it's any good?

This is not the kind of "testing" I am talking about. I am talking about exposed spine with weights attached to simulate how the food helps with "back stress". This is sick stuff, and this is the kind of experimentation that Purnia is being slammed with.

I can't find specific experiments on what purnia does, but suffice it to say, it's gotta be pretty horrible, since they are owned by MARS and it's fairly easy to look up the sort of things they do.

You are in Mortal Danger

  Seriously, isn't it just a bit awkward, killing off a bunch of cats and the declaring this cat to be loved and honored? Oh, yeah, this is literally a cat that Purina is interested in getting adopted.

Find out more about pet food from the book  Food Animals Die For. That spine stuff was what I read from the actual book and actually happened, but by IAMs.

So, purina in reality, hates animals, hates them with a firey passion.


Guess who else was selling cupcakes?! Purnia.

I won't lie, their cupcakes were  beautiful. The frosting was perfect, they were sold in pretty pink baker's boxes (note to self: get bakers boxes).

You want to know how glammertastic these cupcakes were? I didn't even try take a picture this super cool. They were so glammerrific, they did it on their own.

Professional looking,and they were being sold for 2 dollars. This is a reasonable price, they were pretty, and went to a "good" cause. (as far as the average person knew)

Except that after my cupcakes were hitting it off, Purina decided to drop their price to a dollar, to compete with my baked-on-burnt-pieces on aluminum-cupcake-trays cupcakes.

Sadly, I am not being dramatic

They just weren't selling cupcakes, ok? They were also selling t shirts and other stuff, why try to crush my organization because no one wants to support "We hate animals Purina"?

I was a bit miffed, but it's a free country. If they felt so threatened they had to lower their price then, eh.

Oh, but then the kitten killers got their seemingly innocent volunteers (they probably are actually innocent) to walk in front of my booth, peddling their death cupcakes.

Is that a horn I see?! Damn, no, just a shadow...

They set out to steal my customers! Anyway you slice it, this is just bad form.

Purina is a multiBILLION DOLLAR company, and I am just me, all by my lonesome.

There are thousands of organizations for dogs and cats, there are none for rats and mice.

They were selling embryotic and pus cupcakes, made on the suffering backs of animals,

while I, with respect for all animals, was selling wholesome vegan cupcakes. By wholesome I am not including the fact that these cupcakes are bad for your health, like all cupcakes, but they are delicious.

Did I get nasty? Of course I got a little nasty. I didn't, you know, throw a chair or something at them, but I quickly let everyone know where they can get cupcakes that support love for all animals.

Get your puss free cupcakes here! Love ALL animals!

The girls looked a little uncomfortable.

Well, the day was winding down. Purina packed up and left, while I stayed on until the last minute.

I got rewarded for this by getting last minute customers, buying up brownies and cupcakes alike.

All in all, a good day.

Here is a little side note, just to show you how Purina likes to mess with your head.


Purina sells vegetarian dog and cat food! Wow, how progressive! Did you know that Purina also owns Alpo?

Yesterday, I picked up a Readers Digest. Inside was an ad for Alpo.

The ad said "Does this look like the face of a vegetarian?!" With a picture of a really cute pitbull. Then went on to insult the doggieness of your dog, because only real dogs eat meat.

Despite the fact that the oldest dog in the world was a vegan (27 years baby!) so in fact if you want your dog to be more dog then other dogs, it would be best to NOTfeed them alpo.



So hey, we didn't quite reach our goal, so the fundraising is still on! If you believe in Mice and Rats Rights please donate what you can, every little bit helps! And check out HELP MARR section to see what you can do to HELP MARR =)

Our Paypal account is [email protected]


And a Special thanks goes to: Amanda Demattio, who also held a bake sale! YEAH!

AND Kelli, who's so cool she donated to MARR before it was even cool to donate to MARR B)


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Brook Katz:

Citizens for pets in Condos:

Animal Aid:

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