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Peta Feral
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Do wild Rats kill baby Birds to eat or is this slander to villify Rats?


It is the pretext for Poisong Rats as well as Insects, Worms, Birds, including Naitve Birds Deer Tahr, Chamois and Dogs and Cats in New zealnd Forest repeatedly for 63 years.



1080 links

peta Feral

including poisoning paradise video



1080 news




1080 petitions




ExoticoPhobia _ More Zen, Less Phobia

Human Pests and Plague Humans

Corrupt Government Agencies such as the Department of "Conservation",

Animal Control Producers, the Animal "Health" Board and Councils and NGO's

such as Royal NZ Forest and Bird Villify, Persecute, Torture and Kill by

Poisoning with 1080 ( Sodium Mono Fluoroacetate), Brodifacoum, Warfarin and

Cyanide introduced Animals such as Possums, Rats, Deer, Chamois and Tahr.

Repeated Blanket Poisoning from Helicopters and by land Indiscriminately

Kills all Animals, Birds, Insects and Worms thus causing Prolonged and

Agonising deaths over Days of the Target Species and also Birds including

the Native Birds they Fraudulently Claim to be Protecting as well as Cats,

Dogs and Fish, insects and Earthworms thus affecting even Soil Fertility

and causing Dieback of Native trees.

These Toxins poison Land, waterways and Adjoining Pastoral Farms thus

risking Poisoing Cows and Sheep.

NZ Maori Burnt 30-40% of the Original Ancient Forests and Killed 6 -12

Million Moa, Large, Herbivorous Birds who Browsed the understory of the

Forests thus preventing Choking of Confiers, who act as Carbon Sinks, and

Risk of Fire; Kakapo served a similar role but are now near extinct.

Deer, Chamois and Tahr would,if allowed, fill the Niche left by the Moa and

Possums would fill the niche left by Kakapo.


The Third Wave - Poisoning the Land by W. Benfield:…/9781872970288-third-wave-the-…/…;

At War with Nature - Corporate Conservation and the Industry of Extinction

by W. Benfield…/…/B00T2T9KT2


Please Read and Share this information about the fallacy and fraud of Cruel Destructive Polluting 1080 Poisoning Programmes


1080 - The Evidence



The Third Wave - Poisoning the Land by W. Benfield:


At War with Nature - Corporate Conservation and the Industry of Extinction

by W. Benfield


DR Peter Scanlon & Dr Sean Weaver - Low-dose 1080 poisoning - Rongoa plants


1080 poison coverups - farmers speak out


NZ Government Seizes Use of 1080 Poison


The Horror of 1080 Poison ...


1080: Chemotherapy or Holocaust for the NZ Ecosystem - See more at:


Parrots - DoC Poisons Endangered Kea Parrots


Poisoning Paradise - Ecocide New Zealand - Festival Version


False TB Results Show Change is Needed




Facebook Pages:


No to 1080 use in NZ

Ban 1080

1080 Eyewitness


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