Rag Tag Hammocks


These are MARR'S Rag Tag Hammocks, the only hammocks you'll find that have been recycled from old "ratty" fabrics! Economical! Ecological!

Great for rats, mice, ferrets, chinchillas, sugar gliders and any other little critter who enjoys being suspended in air with comfort.

Each run will be utterly unique, so if you see one you want, BUY THEM NOW.

These current Hammocks are by Rag Tagger Hammock Engineer Luna Wolf, and feature grey and green stripes, from a t-shirt material. Some of them have metal grommets and others have fabric loops.

Have some old material that you'd like to turn into fab hammocks?

YOU TOTALLY CAN! Join the team and send them in! Just e-mail us at [email protected]!

Got some neat fabric that you don't have the time to sew? SEND IT IN!

For example, we have some great old animal rights message t shirts begging to be given a new life, and then burial, as a hammock! 

Special Instructions: Please give us your shipping information, based on that we will be able to tell you how much the costs are.

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