We aren't done fundraising to save lives.

Our next fundraiser is

Most Beautiful Mouse and Rat and Social Justice* Mice and Rats Art Contest

*We added a NEW element to our contest. 

We want to stress that mice and rats aren't just cute little animals to love, they are sentient beings to respect!

So we have given the option to enter your artwork depicting rat and or mouse rights issues.

Be thought provoking, be resilient, but most of all, BE HEARD.

If the perils of what mice and rats are subjected to is new to you, this is the time to research it!


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so here is your chance to let your furry companion's beauty shine!


Please read the entire description carefully.

Enter a photo of your mouse or rat at ten dollars an entry. Then send in a video, prose, or their background on why you believe you have the most beautiful rat or mouse.

Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so if you want to show your critter's inner beauty you have to let it come out!
There are no limitations to how many entries you may have, at 10 dollars an entry.

Wildlife Photography that YOU took is also allowed, so you do not necessarily have to have a rat or mouse companion.
Mice and Rats only. Genus Rattus Rattus, Rattus Norvegious, or Mus musculus. These are the only true rat and mouse species, not that the others are not special, we would just like to keep it simple!

You may use manipulation only to improve the picture. No photo edits, such as editing wings, and no edits which significantly change the animal's true appearance, i.e, changing it's color, removing or adding a marking etc. Please send in both versions if you choose to use photo manipulation to improve your picture, OR a video.

Judges decide the winner.

But Wait.

What if there's a spectacular animal whose beauty just tugs at your heart strings.
How do you tell the world of your love and appreciation, and over all worthiness of this animal?

Influence the judges by voting. Each vote costs 1 penny, and you can vote unlimited amount of times.
Please don't vote for your own entry, as that destroys the spirit of the contest.


If you specifically do not wish MARR to use any of your entries in campaigns or fundraising you must write, "not for use", in you description, otherwise we will assume you give us permission to use it.


There ARE Prizes!
We talked to a few animal rights companies, and a couple of them have responded.

1st Place prize is a gift certificate
To Vegan Essentials. An mega online store packed with tons of goodies, and as they said, essentials!

PLUS, custom art work of your choosing!


2nd prize is a gift from Herbivore, an ethical message wear fashion store, that can also be found online! 

PLUS custom Art work of your choosing!

(1st and 2nd prizes subject to be switched depending on the value of their donations)

If YOU want to help donate a prize to encourage entries, you are more than welcomed too, and is in fact, an EXCELLENT way to contribute! The more incentive, the better the turnout!


Send your entries to Send your entry fee through paypal OR Serve to Serve users will get a dollar discount!


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