Our Goals

MARR Functions under three focuses. Rescue, Awareness, and Campaigning.

Many of our goals fall under these subjects, if not, a few of these subjects. 


Rat's and mice need better PR then what they've been getting, and the best way we can do that is by spreading awareness of what kind of animals they are (amazing ones) and the plights they are subjected to.

We'd like to interact with our newer generations to educate about mice and rats by going to schools for lectures and creating literature to hand out.

We feel this out reach is imperative!


Rats and mice need a lot of people to start standing up for them!

Did you know in the animal welfare act rats and mice are not even considered animals. HULLO America! Last I checked rats and mice were indeed animals! Not just animals but highly complex animals that feel joy and love like we do!


Mice and rats, need a lot of rescuing.

To rescues, to sanctuaries, to encouraging wildlife rehab centers to take in mice and rats, this is a very important aspect of our organization.

After all, when we succeed in freeing rats from labs, where are they all going to go?

Non Profit Status

We aim to be a non profit =)

Upcoming Events

Thursday, Apr 4 All Day