Welcome to Mice and Rats Rights

All living beings have inherit right to happiness, respect and equality.
When the constitution was written, it was not to grant rights.
That's impossible. You cannot grant a right, you can only violate them or respect them.

MARR's goal is to halt the violations of the Mouse and Rat.
Mice and Rats are one of the most used, abused, violated animals on the planet, and their plight is the most ignored.

They are in our backyards, being poisoned, they are in our laboratories being burned, they're in our stores, treated as objects, they are in our whispers being maligned.

If they don't seem to be a integral part of our lives, that's simply because we have become so adept at ignoring them. 

Consider the Mouse and Rat. Speak for them. Refuse to accept their fate as a mere object.

We are and organization that rejects cruelty and exploitation to all animals, but focus on mice and rats.