It's Fundraising time!

Posted by The Director on September 26, 2012 at 11:20 AM

Yep, it is that time.

MARR is starting a fundraising campaign for both our non-Profit Status and our rescue hoarder mission.

 Tall order for sure, but with persistance we can do it!

Do you like things that smell good?

Do you dislike the idea of having an unattended open flame?

Then check out our Scentsy Fundraiser, held by volunteer Heidi Ramirez, wickless candles made with non animal products!

They have candles for the holidays, events, or just plain to look cool. Checkit out!

We also have our own stores, that you can shop from!

Is it tiring, frustrating and confusing trying to find cruelty free products?

If only someone had some sort of place that had all the items you needed in life, in storage for you to buy. A..sort of store place, if you will.

Welcome to MARR's Easy Living Cruelty Free store.

Like we said, everything you need to live a cruety free lifestyle, plus accessories and toys for your rat and mouse friends!

Requests for items to be placed in this store are FREE!

Are you tired of finding the same old main stream crap that doesn't express the uniqueness that is you

Where can you find something that speaks to you?!

MARRSwag steps in.

MARRSwag is our Zazzle store with unique products that can't be found anywhere else!

Where else are you going to find pro rat rights stuff that is so excellently designed?

Nowhere and nowhere, but here.

Our merch is modern and professionally designed.

Keychains, buttons, pins, notebooks and that's not all, nor will it be the end. New products will be popping up all the time, to add to your statement of awesome.

Not only that, but for a graphic designer fee of 25 dollars an hour, you can enjoy the ultimate custombility. At that point, only your imagination is the limit. 

All of these stores can be found in one grace saving page, here

If you would just straight like to donate you can go to:

Can you help with fundraising?

It stands to reason, the more help we get, the better chance we have of completing our goal quickly and effieciently. 

One of the very easy ways to help is to simply spread the word. Go to mice and rat forums, clubs, fan pages and post the fundraiser.

You can also alert animal rights groups and their followers.

If you have an idea for a fundraiser, or would like to organize one yourself, like Heidi Ramirez, please do so! Just keep in mind we do not use or profit from animal products or exploitation. For a short summary, no eggs, meat, dairy, honey, products tested on animals, leather, wool, silk, zoos, circuses etc.

Thank you and, WE CAN DO IT!

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