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Peta Feral
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1080 Rats' and Possums' Diets


NO to 1080 use in NZ shared Michelle CateBuller Cooper's post.

23 October 2016 ·

No sign of any chicks or eggs in the possum diet.... hundreds and hundreds of possums autopsied in all seasons, yet not one trace. If they are such voracious predators then how could this be?

It is the same with rats in the Sweetapple Nugent 2007 study which autopsied rats and possums. Over 14 years the study ran and only 2 ratsshowed any evidence of avian remains.

Are we having the good old possum-merino wool pulled over our eyes and being whipped into a frenzy of non-native hatred by the agencies responsible for using aerial-1080?

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Michelle CateBuller Cooper

17 October 2016 ·



But surely possums prefer eating chicks and eggs (according to Natureland!)


This table is from a 2004 Landcare study on possum diet. Look carefully, not one trace of an egg or chick, and yes it covered all seasons....)




NO to 1080 use in NZ

20 February 2015 ·

This is the most up to date and in-depth study regarding rat population increases after 1080 drops providing evidence that control of introduced possums may increase ship rat abundance. A podocarp–hardwood forest was assessed using simple interference indices over 14 years (1990–2004) that

included two aerial-1080 possum-poisoning operations (1994, 2000). Ratand possum stomach contents were studied and recorded. Seeds, fruit dominated both rat and possum diets. Invertebrates were found in ratstomachs and the apparently important role of invertebrate/insect consumption in ship rat breeding in this study demonstrates that invertebrates provide the nutritional trigger to reproduce. Only two rats were found to have bird remains. The study found that possum control can increase rat numbers as much as five fold and the results are consistent with the hypothesis that increased rat abundance following possum control is a consequence of greater availability or reduced competition for seeds and fruit.

And what does DoC have to say? Surely they cannot totally disregard thisstudy!! The cracks are growing.


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19 September 2016 ·

More bizarre behaviour from those charged with protecting our fauna. Is this a 'never mind' moment for some DoC staff? Is it 'pick and choose' your charismatic native birds but not if they are too naughty? It appears as though Genesis 1:26 is being taken too literally.

Next they'll be picking off hawks and falcons for actually being real "predators" - unlike a couple of the mammals they label as such. Thepossums and rats whose diet (according to studies) is mostly made up of seeds, fruit, shoots, leaves and invertebrates.

We need to have a lighter touch on the environment - and to show some respect.


‎Sacha MacRae‎ to 1080 eyewitness.

18 September 2016 · Te Anau ·

My 8 year old son tells me that a DOC lady came to the school recently and was telling the kids how much of a pest the Keas were.... they kill heaps of sheep etc.

They were at the school talking about blue ducks. He said they were shown pictures of keas dead and a video?

Yes back in the day - way back this was true but crikey come on!

I worked 4 seasons in the hills guiding. The keas are a bit of a nuisance but I loved them and they're so much fun. They can't keep killing them off.

Are they trying to brainwash the kids young to justify the mega use of 1080 that is wiping them out???

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