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I have an evolved method of cleaning my giant cages, because dragging them back and forth to the bathroom was lame.

After removing the rats, I use a broom pan to scoop out all the dirty bedding through the bottom cage door, and throw it into a waiting trash bag.

I then take a solution of soap, bacteria killer, and water and put it in a sprayer. The bacteria killer could be a dab (and I mean and dab, do NOT pour it in) of bleach, a good amount of vinegear, or a large amount of lemon, and spray it throughout the cage. You may wait a minute or so.

Then take a bucket, fill it with water, and take a wash cloth or sponge and begin wiping the soltion off, rinsing off the the solution.

Wash all their toys in a sink.

Dry the bed of the cage.

Replace bedding.

Presto clean non smelly cage! :D

A weblink on non toxic cleaning methods:

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