This is the Volunteer Jobs and Donation page. Whoohoo!

 Here is where our descriptions of the jobs we need and what we need donated. 

Wish Lists

 Donate an item on our wishlist to help marr!

Hey! You do NOT have to buy any of these products brand new, they can be similar products, or items you have had laying around your house! Less than perfect condition is FINE with us, as long as it's workable!

Just MAKE SURE that any and all products you buy for us contains NO animal ingredients (google it, just to make sure, even laundry detergent can carry animal products) and is NOT tested on animals!

 Otherwise, we would be counter productive!



Wish List for Rescued Rats

Ziggy: Ziggy!

 What Ziggy needs!



What Dash needs!

 General Operations


Hoarder Rescue Items



Help us educate!


Volunteer Jobs

Webmaster: Pretty up our site and

Transporters: Are you willing to travel a certain amount of distance to get animals to safety? Please sign up to be a transporter! 

Fosters: You can only adopt so many times before you run out of room. Fosters are the gift the that keeps in giving.


Rag Taggers




MARR has a Old fabric Repurposing program where volunteers take old fabric, such as unwearable t shirts, or old bed sheets, and gives them new new life again as economical hammocks!

Those old jeans easily turn into soft play tubes, that old graphic t is now a comfy and stylish hammock!
That old bed sheet is now an entire matching set of accessories!
And each product is completely unique! 
This little project is a fun way to let out your creativity while you recycle what would have gone into the garbage, and at the same time you are helping MARR raise funds with your creation! 


Do you want to be a Rag Tagger?

So simple! Just recycle old fabric and make them into hammocks, beds, tubes, pockets, whatever you can think of that will make a ratties life fun!

Feel free to post comments, ask questions, and get ideas in our forum just for rag taggers. 

You do not have to be an expert of sewing, nor do you even really need a sewing machine (Just simple squares with loops on the corners to hang them up by) it's really quite simple. 

Got some reusable fabric?

As long as its clean and not made leather or silk send it in!

We are especially looking for old animal rights shirts, shirts with graphics, and interesting bed sheet designs (to make a whole matching set). 

Mail it to us at 3799 Lancewood Dr Coral Springs Fl, 33065. 




Or donate money to our cause =)