Don't Hurt Our Friends

So you're walking in your home and you hear a sudden scuffling and a squeak. You run into the kitchen, turn on the lights and see nothing, but a box of cereal that you left out has been knocked over and a hole chewed out. Uh oh, you have a rat!

For centuries, nay, mellinnea these poor animals had endured much abuse by humans. Whether through ratting ( setting dogs to tear them apart) or setting glue traps. People forget the most basic principle. Rats and Mice are feeling beings. They feel pain exactly the same way and in exactly the same amount as humans do.
Would you like it if you went looking for food, picked up what you thought was a big score, and got your neck snapped in half? Would you like to be minding your own business only to get your feet stuck to the ground, then as you struggle, your hands, then you struggle some more as patches of skin rip off as you fight for your life. Then in a desperate attempt you gnaw off your limbs and get your face stuck and suffocate and die, if you don't die of hunger and thirst first...How about chewing on a morsel only to start eternally bleeding as you suffer horribly, throat on fire and your body fails you?
You may feel  like your personal space has been violated and that your are justified defending your home, but would you treat a benign human this way? How about a cat or dog? Besides, a rat or mouse is only looking for warmth and food. They didn't mean to ruin your day with their existence.
We are here to give you the low done of all these nasty traps and poisons.

Glue traps
:  Glue traps are considered to be one of the most nasty and inhumane trap out there. (We'll see)This is because the animal suffers for days on end, starving and dehydrating and stressed out of its mind. Animals have been known to gnaw their own limbs off to escape.
What happens is, a mouse walks across a pad of sticky glue and gets stuck. Usually they are left days like this. Unrinating and defecating on themselves out of sheer fear. They have no way to get food or water and often get more entrapped the more they struggle. If the mouse's nose happens to make contact with the glue they will slowly sufficate. In an attempt to escape they will gnaw off their legs or arms in a desperate attempt for freedom. It is pure cruelty.

Traditional rat traps. The traditonal rat trap is where a piece of food is placed on a spring. The rat takes the food and a bar swings forward with enough force to break a human's finger, breaking the animals neck.
If you come across unwanted traps on your property you can trigger and dispose of the traps to avoid any small animal slaughter.

Posion: there are a few poisons out there first we will discuss
anticoagulant rodenticides: This poison causes internal bleeding.

It basically blocks Vitamin K that is already in the system from being reused in the body. Vitamin K is needed to form blood clots.
This type of poison takes a long time to take effect, normally about 2 days for a rodent, and leaves the viticm feeling weak as their body slowly bleeds inwards.

If somebody gets poisoned or you see such poison around your area the cure for this poison is concentrated vitamin K

Another type of rat poison is made with zinc phosphide. This poison is normally applied by "liscensed professionals" The zinc phosphide reacts with the rodent's stomach acid to form a gas called phosphine. If an animal gets into the zinc phosphide itself, aside from immediate vomiting there is no antidote to the poison as there is with the anti-coagulants above.

# Calciferols (Vitamin D) are another type of rodenticide. These compounds work by affecting the levels of Vitamin D and calcium in the body. Ingesting Vitamin D in toxic doses causes hypercalcemia. This is a condition where the calcium level is raised to such a degree that the stomach, kidneys, lungs, blood vessels and heart are all damaged by calcification. Their organs slowly turn into stone.The animal suffers for a week before finally dying. You can't even find this in horror films.
 Often calciferols and anti-coagulants are mixed in a bait, increasing the chances of death and decreasing the time involved.
There is a home made version of this using plaster of paris mix intending to harden the animal from the inside out.
We wouldn't treat our worst, deranged criminals this way.

Electric Traps

A new fearsome trap has been divised. It is a device, in which the rat steps either in, or onto it and it gets electrocuted. For ten minutes. Imagine when being electrocuted. A second seems like a minute. 10 minutes is a life time.  The device is set for ten minutes because a rat can restart their heart, which makes this trap ridiculously inefficient in the first place.

Tip on Glue Traps: If you find a mouse caught in a glue trap, you can save his or her life. Simply put a small amount of cooking or baby oil onto the places where the mouse is stuck and gently work it into the glue with a Q-tip. Make sure you are outside when you do this to avoid mess and set the mouse free. In my experience the mouse is too exhausted fighting for its life and screaming with all its strength to even run away from you much less bite you by the time you pry it free.

There are human methods of removing animals from your home, which will be posted in the near future.